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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rebuilding After Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is gone, but the devastation she left in her wake is still quite evident. There are hundreds of homes and buildings that completely destroyed, and thousands of homes and buildings that have been severely damaged.

The rescue efforts -- brought on early by President Barack Obama -- were swift and successful, yet the rebuilding and cleanup efforts have been slow, hampered by the lack of supplies, gas and power, and worst of all another powerful storm following into the Eastern Seaboard just behind the now defunct Sandy.

There are many efforts being made by individuals and businesses to the west of the affected states though. Many individuals have been sending food, water, toiletries, and basic necessities to those who were displaced by the hurricane; while companies have done their part by sending trucks, equipment, building supplies and roofing products to the east.

We cannot know how the strong Nor'easter storm will directly effect cleanup efforts that are already underway; but we pray that safety can be maintained.

For more information on Cleanup efforts visit the official FEMA site dedicated to Hurricane Sandy:


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