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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Computer Updates Are Coming

Courtesy of Invincea

Well, get ready for your computer to go through quite a few systematic updates the next time you go to restart or boot-up your computer. Dozens of updates came out this week from Microsoft and other manufacturers after a tumultuous week for web users. There have been an estimated 120 new malicious viruses, scams, and advanced persistent threats that have been found in just the past few days alone, and experts warn that they do not see a slowdown of this anywhere soon.

Normally, the month of January traditionally sees a decline in computer threats. This has a lot to do with the fact that holiday shopping season is over, and the lucrative info-stealing scams tend to disappear with the end of the holidays. This year, however, the threats remain persistent. Technicians and browser security professionals are already underway developing new software, patches, and updates that will keep your browsing secure, and these undertakings will soon be installed on your computer in the form of software updates. While they may take a while to download, and you may think it is not necessary, with as many threats have been seen already this month, you won't want to take your chances.

In addition to installing all security updates that your computer may prompt you to download, having a quality security software package and malware protection can protect you even further. Invincea is well known and trusted worldwide for its endpoint protection and ability to give clients the most secure web browser possible.

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